Thursday, 27 May 2010

23/05/10 - Alkaline Trio

So fucking hot today.
You think that but then you get down to the gig and the band is walking around wrapped up in their winter best, the U.K has no real idea of what heat is.
Our contact kind of fucked this one up, we were all set for our interview, but the promoter bitch, not being sexist she was actually a dick, wasn't having any of it.
Even if we weren't down on the list, there is no need to be a wanker about it, if that was my job I would of tried my best to set at least something up.
Luckily, a girl I've known for a good few years now has just started her own production company and was trying for a video interview and Alkaline Trio's drummer Derek, was cool for doing a quick 5 minute piece after the sound check.

I didn't see the support bands, I've seen or heard both of them before, and they're really not my kind of thing. Maybe if I was a 14 year old school girl, I might be into them. I'm not.
Alkaline Trio played really well, they get slated a bit for their lives shows, but this was by far, the best I've seen them play.
After the encore, the band changed roles with Matt Skiba on drums, Dan on guitar and Derek on Bass for a cover of the Misfits song, Angel Fuck.
It was so insanely fucking awesome.

Our contact apologised for fucking it up, and has arranged a phone interview with the band for the 3rd of June.